KC-130 Hercules Briefing Stick

KC-130 Hercules Briefing Stick

KC-130 Hercules Briefing Stick Model

The KC-130 Hercules provides rapid logistic support to operating forces. It can be configured to provide transportation of personnel or cargo. Delivery of cargo may be accomplished by parachute, low level fly-by ground extraction, or landing. As a tactical transport, the KC-130 can carry 92 ground troops or 64 paratroopers and equipment. It can be configured as a medical evacuation platform capable of carrying 74-litter patients plus attendants. The KC-130 can land and takeoff on short runways and can be used on primitive landing strips in advanced base areas. The KC-130 is also capable of providing mission support in emergency evacuation of personnel and key equipment, advanced party reconnaissance, and special warfare operations.

Customize and personalize this briefing model any way you want, your choice of paint scheme and unit markings.

Manufacture and shipping time are usually 8 to 10 weeks. However, we also offer a RUSH Service of 4 or less weeks, for an additional 35%. E-MAIL US for the Rush Service.

Briefing Model Length: 6 Inches

Briefing Stick Size: 18" x 3/8", 15" x 3/8" or 12" x 3/8"