Here are just a few comments from some of our Awesome Customers!!!!   


Hey Team,

 I just wanted to tell you that I finally opened the models last night.  I've

been in the process of moving and had not had the chance to take the time

to open them.

 I was speechless...  All I can say is the pictures did not even come close to

representing how truly beautiful these models are.  Especially the SR-71.

The A-7s and SR-71 models were beyond the quality that I expected...and I've

learned to expect impeccable quality from you.

 The models will be proudly displayed for years to come!  Thank you so much

for the extraordinary craftsmanship and the amazing packing that accompanied

each model.

 Thank you so much. 

Sincere best wishes to you and your entire team!




Chris and the entire team at Island Enterprises,



 I rarely give a company a testimonial but it is with great pleasure that this time I must break my rule and commend you and your team for a MAGNIFICENT job.

 I cannot express my gratitude for the way your company handled the production of approximately 40 individually personalized EC-130 models for members of our two TACAMO squadrons (VQ-3 and VQ-4). The quality of the models exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even the smallest detail has been perfectly captured enhancing the true like features of our Hercs that so many of us have spent most of our youth flying.

 In addition to the quality of your product I must also commend you on the company’s customer service. Emails were handled without delay and answers provided quickly which sets Island Enterprises heads and shoulders above the other model companies.

 I am grateful for all that you have all done and I am sure there will be more orders to come.


 Jim Gallagher

TACAMO Veterans Community Association

  Just arrived home in Germany with the model.  Please pass to your team a big 'Ooh Rah and JOB VERY WELL DONE.'

  I think you guys have out done yourselves.  The precision and beauty of the model is simply the best I have ever seen.  My wife and I are elated with the results.

  Additionally, please pass on to the person(s) who did the packing, that it too was the finest I have ever seen.  The inside of the box was a work of art itself.  

  I've never seen such attention to detail in both with the model and it's shipping vessel.

  Your team is truly THE BEST!

  As you already know; You have a life long customer.

  Keep up the great work, and look for another order from me in the next couple of months.  I've been thinking over a couple of unique requests.

  Sincerely &... Semper-Fidelis

JP Staman//



  The models arrived on Monday 13AUG and they look amazing!  Thank you so much for your team's help on this entire order!  We really appreciate everything, from the customer service (specifically working out the billing and effecting the paint scheme changes), the short timeline from initial order to delivery, and the quality of the product.  Everything is exceptional!  Please thank your entire team on the TOPHATTERS behalf!


Very respectfully,


 Hey all!


  Just wanted to drop by a follow up on Lt Col Freeman's B-52 Tail Flash.  It arrived two days before his retirement... plenty of time for everyone to

sign... and, it was the hit of the year.  It turned out amazing, and we

couldn't be happier!  Even the Tanker and AWACs guys in our squadron were wanting to have one of our tails when they retire. 

 Thank you all for your prompt, professional and perfect work!  I retire next May... and I can't wait till I can order my flash!  Best wishes for a great year!




Michael J. Gibbons

Major, USAFR

10th FLTS, B-52H Radar Nav





I just want to send a personal thank you to you and ALL your team for a fantastic model. Your skill, handicraft, attention to detail and customer care is unrivalled to any company within your trade that I have ever had the pleasure to come across.

The model you made for my Father to celebrate his 60th Birthday and 30,000+ hrs, was tremendous and he was overjoyed with the product he received.

 Thank you very much.

Dan Lowes


Can't thank you enough for all your help.  The jets were beautiful and we successfully presented both prior to the change of command.  Not often these days you get the 1v1 support you provided through this process, but wanted to make sure you understood how much it meant to me and in turn, how much the aircraft meant to my departing commander.

Again, well done and I will definitely contact you all again in the future (regardless of assignment).  My very best to your team and again, well done!



 “I wanted to pass on to you that the HH-60G model you made was presented this morning during our commander’s Change of Command (COC) ceremony and received many compliments for the high degree of quality and detail that your team put into making such an outstanding product.  Please pass on to your team our appreciation for their individual efforts making the ceremony memorable for the commander, his family, and the squadron.  Thank you again!” 

“Models received today.  I took them out of the package and I am not 100% satisfied.  I am 1000% satisfied!  I cannot believe how well they turned out.  We are speechless and in awe.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the morale amongst the pilots has skyrocketed due to your professional product; they are “bad-ass”.  Moreover, you and your team are world class.  Your communication, precise attention to detail and SPEED were beyond our expectations.  You have a champion with our Squadron.   I am putting out the word to all that you are the way to go.  

  To give you a little background, before I contacted you, I called and spoke with one of your competitors, State-side.  I asked for the same thing I asked you for.  I was offered no discount and a timeline of 4 months, minimum, and at a cost of $85 each (excluding shipping).  Then, I contacted you and you took it on and began work right away with only my promise to pay.  I wish everyone was like Island Enterprises. 

 As a result of the model unveiling today, I have 5 pilots (with more to come) wanting to buy briefing stick models for their own use or decoration, me included.  Also, we want you to make our cruise plaque with accompanying mini cruise plaques.  And, larger scale desktop models as going away gifts for departing pilots

 Chris, you run a tight ship.  Your company and the product you produce are the best I have seen.  We can’t believe how awesome they turned out!  I offer my sincerest appreciation in all you have done for us and at an unmatchable price.  You’ve earned a lifetime customer.



Good morning Sir,

I have received the briefing sticks and let me tell you, I am very very impressed with them! Please pass the word down to the whole crew that they did a BRAVO ZULU performance! The pictures do not do the actual product justice, because they are just amazing! The communication process was also very effective and timely, and I have to say you run a great company! A quick recap of the timeline:

January 12: I placed my order

January 19: I gave my final approval

February 29: I approved the last briefing stick for shipment

March 12: I received the package

The entire process was very impressive! Especially with the level of detail each have!
Very Respectfully,

LT Abriam

I recently recieved an Island Enterprises C-17, ordered for my birthday.  It is honestly the most amazing model that I have ever seen or purchased.  The level of detail was extraordinary (no one else puts pitot tubes on their models), and it was honestly a pleasure doing business with you.  I usually purchase one or two model aircraft every year and you have earned a customer for life!

Michael Donofrio


I just wanted let you know that my son received the model that we ordered and he is extremely happy with it. 


We have had a great experience in doing business with your company.  You have been very responsive, detail-oriented and professional.  The final product is great.  My son commented that even the packaging was well-done, with instructions on how to unpack the model so as not to damage it.

The price was reasonable, particularly in light of the high quality product.

Many thanks,

 Kathi Weiss


we received the sticks and holder yesterday.  I just opened the case and set everything up.  It all looks better than we anticipated.  Way to go!

I will be sure to recommend your company to everyone I know that would be interested.  Thanks for the excellent customer service and product. 

  My commander just saw the plaque and sticks and is very impressed.  We will likely order more products from you in the future.


Joshua R. Patten, TSgt, IDANG


    I received the Tail Flash and Model.  Phenomenal!!  What an awesome product.

Both exceeded my expectations.  Expect an order for the Models in the coming

weeks.  Great detail and workmanship.

 Thanks to all that made this happen.  It's been great working with you all.


Maj Colin Brainard



The plaques arrived this morning, and they were perfect!  Thank you for not only meeting but exceeding the date that I required, and I had every confidence that they would turn out so great because of your quality control process.  Bravo Zulu to you and your team, and I've already passed on your contact info to the other Boot Ensigns in sister battalions that are paying too much for less product at trophy shops here in town.


John Daly, ENS NMCB 3, Alpha

  I rarely make a testimonial to companies I've dealt with but you guys just did an OUTSTANDING JOB!

I highly recommend your company not only for its excellent product but also for its owners' and employees' professionalism and prompt service. I am surprised to receive my order (a KC-10 plane model) ahead of schedule even as I have requested a few changes on the text (due to my own mistake)! I got it 3 weeks before my husband celebrates his 10th year in the military! This is definitely a great gift for him. Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot!  

Marianne Fontillas 

Military Spouse (McGuire AFB)


Chris and Company,

Thank you again for meeting my order request and the constant dialogue both email and telephone to make everything perfect. It was a pleasure doing business with such superb customer service personnel and your quality workmanship is outstanding. Both name plates look even better in person than the pictures.  I will surely pass out the handouts and utilize your services for future orders wherever my travels take me.

Best wishes for a successful and prosperous New Year.


LCDR Roscoe Porter

LDO 6510, SC, USN


  Got the model.  Outstanding service!  I will definitely spread the word about you guys. It is rare to find a company that is so far away, in a foreign country that is dedicated to service and delivers when they say.

Again, thanks.

Maj Wolfe

Kirtland AFB, NM


  The plaque arrived today and it looks absolutely awesome!  I will be presenting it on Thursday.  It looks much more impressive in person than in the picture. 

You guys have provided the most outstanding service of any company I have ever dealt with.  Thanks so much for assistance.  I will recommend you to anyone and will call on you in the future.   


Parks Hughes


I just wanted to get back to you before too much 
time has passed. I  received the U-2 model last week and it looked great! I wanted to let you and your entire team know that it was a pleasure doing business with you.  The customer service responses and follow up correspondence  was excellent.

It's great to see that some companies (a rarity) still care about their  customers. Super job all around. Several of my friends wanted your web  address to see all of your products and also see the model.

Thanks again,


Carl Selvey 


 We just hung up the 4 foot cruise plaque.  It looks great!  Very professional.  The Commodore of the base was there as well and the Captain was amazed how detailed the carriers and patches were.  Your company did a fantastic job!  I also noticed how sturdy you make these will last a lifetime!  We will send pics soon!  I received the other squadron plaque and five mini plaques and they look great as well.

Steve Lamoure