Dear Customers,
  prior to your order being packed and shipped, our team will e-mail you a series of detailed, "high-resolution" photos, from every angle.   This will give you one last look, to help us ensure this product is perfect for you!!!

  Once you approve the final product photos, we will apply the final coats of lacquer and poly-urethane, to protect the product finish.  Drying time takes about 2 to 3 days.   Once the product is completely dried, we will proceed with packing and shipping your order.

  After your order has been shipped, my team will e-mail you, informing you of the date we shipped it, the carrier, (Fed-Ex or UPS), expected shipping transit time, and the tracking number. 

  Once your order has been delivered, please count to ensure all the boxes are present.   We include a copy of the commercial invoice with the shipment, which shows how many boxes were shipped.   If all the boxes are not there, please inform the delivery driver at that time.

  All shipments are 100% insured.  If you notice any damage to the exterior of the boxes, please inform the delivery driver at that time.   Additionally, if you open the package later and you discover the product(s) are damaged, in any way, please e-mail us.   We will replace your product or refund your money.

  And as always, I offer a 100% money back guarantee to any customer who is not completely happy with the product they received, or the customer service they received.   And your products have a warranty against ever warping, cracking, fading or yellowing.   Please e-mail or call me, if you are not happy with our products or service.

Christopher D. Jones
Owner, Island Enterprises

Phone:  (870) 619-4060