UAV Aircraft Large Models

UAV Aircraft Large Models
UAV Model Aircraft

  • Customize with your choice of paint scheme, unit markings, name(s) on model, ordnance, and carved/painted patch or logo and text on base.
  • We can manufacture any model to any size/scale you desire. If you don't find the model(s) you are looking for, please E-MAIL US.
  • Manufacture and shipping time are usually 8 to 10 weeks. However, we also offer a RUSH Service of 4 or less weeks, for an additional 35%. E-MAIL US for the Rush Service.
  • Prices are discounted 10% to 20% for GROUP/MULTIPLE Orders, depending on the order quantity. E-MAIL US for group orders.

Remember we offer a money back guarantee, if you are not totally convinced you have purchased the most accurate and highly detailed model available.... Christopher D. Jones, Owner, Island Enterprises