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18 AES C-9 Desktop


 This little beauty is great for your desk, or trophy shelf.

Customize it any way you want. Any aircraft, markings, patch, carve text on base etc. 

Size: 6" height x 9" width

And remember, we offer 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not totally convince you've bought the best product available on the market!!!

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    Unit Markings:
    Patch / Logo:
    Base ID: (Ex. ZZ) put -SH if shadowed
    Tail Number:
    Tail Stripe Color:
    Desktop tail flash height
    Large Desktop Tailflash 12 inch height
    Patch / Logo (Right side of the base)
    Patch / Logo (Left side of the base)- FOR UPRGRADED BASE:
    Carved Text (Base):
    Image for Aircraft Tail: upload
    Image for Logo #1: upload
    Image for Logo #2: upload
    Any additional information you want to add

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